[Case Study] Kennedy Health and DocTime Log® 

Kennedy Health struggled with tracking medical directors’ administrative time. That's when they did their research and turned to Ludi for a solution.

They saw the impact of DocTime Log® in just two months—physicians logged a total of 1,795 hours of work in DocTime Log®, covering more than 97% of logged time.

It's not just for time tracking, though. DocTime Log® has helped Kennedy Health:

  • Consolidate data
  • Improve cost reporting
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • And more

Download the full case study to learn more about how Ludi's DocTime Log® software transformed Kennedy Health's contract management.

Download The Full Case Study

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Ludi's technology helps healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement and decrease direct expenses. Staff becomes more efficient, physicians spend more time on the things they care about and organizations avoid Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Law violations by tapping into analytics that are nearly impossible to track manually.

Don’t become the next headline – avoid legal and regulatory violations.